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VCC Winter League

email: to be placed

on a wait list.

Book & pay now to reserve your spot.

Registration deadline
Dec 15th, 2022.

4 Person Teams,

$40 per person per week = (2hrs/9holes) = $35 + $5 per person for skins,

$40 week total paid up front
10 weeks
$400 per player/$1600 per team

VCC League Format

  • 4 person teams will be playing 9 holes on a different course each week on our TrackMan golf simulators.

  • You will play 9 holes on a different course each week.

  • Happy hour drink specials will be available during all league rounds.

  • Formats will change, best ball, scramble, etc.

  • You must have a trackman login and have played at least two rounds while signed into your TrackMan account. 

  • You must establish your trackman handicap prior to participating in the league. This handicap will be used for all league events. You will need to play at least 18 holes to establish your handicap prior to league play.

  • Teams will have 7 days to schedule/play their rounds. Teams can determine when they want to play during the week and book their own 2-hour tee times. 

  • Leagues will be played over 10 weeks with championships on week 11. Top 4 teams qualify.

  • Teams may be comprised of men & women.

  • Skins will be paid out in VCC gift cards that you may use for anything at VCC.

  • The winning team will have the option of:

    • (1Hr. simulator session per player) 

    • (4-hour team session) 

    • (1 hr TaylorMade Club fitting per player).

  • Runner Up Team will receive a:

    • (2 Hour Team Simulator Session).

  • All ties will be determined by a USGA scorecard playoff, (last 6 holes, last 3 holes, last hole).

  • If you have friends' that are golfers, please spread the word.  The more players, the more money in the skins pot each week. ​


  • $800per team. (Paid in advance)

  • $40 pp will go toward the weekly 2-hour simulator rental.

  • $10 pp/ $20 per team will go toward weekly skins game within your flight.

  • $50 pp will go toward Championship round and party. The top two teams in each flight after 7 weeks will be paid out in VCC gift cards.

  • Unlimited passholders will be charged $120.

  • Prizes will be paid out in VCC Gift Cards.

  • Individual gambling is encouraged…..

  • Jan 6&9, 13&16, 27&30. Feb 3&6, 10&13, 18&20, 24&27

  • Championships and party March 6th. Starting at 6:00pm, Final matches will begin at 4:00pm.

  • Optional hole in 1 contest $20per player. If no hole in one’s money will be refunded. Cash payout.

  • $1600 per team = $400 per player = $40 per player per week. (Paid in advance)

  • $5 pp/ $20 per team will go toward weekly skins game.

  • Individual gambling is encouraged...

  • Points will be tallied over the 10 weeks and the top 4 teams will advance to the playoffs.



  • You need to have established a TrackMan handicap, and you'll get one by completing two rounds of 9 or 18 holes in virtual golf, while being signed in with your TrackMan account. 


  • There are no mulligans allowed. In the case of an error with the simulator a mulligan may be used but must be approved by staff.

  • Any cheating will be immediate disqualification from the league and a forfeit of all money. VCC has video cameras in each bay so any discrepancies can be immediately resolved.

  • Any shots that do not register may be replayed without penalty.

  • Teams will be given 2 hours to complete their round. 

  • Any team unable to finish in their allotted time will be given a double bogey for the unfinished holes.

  • Maximum triple bogey per hole, you can hit the pick-up button which will give you a quad and the score will be adjusted after the round.

  • Each day of league play you will immediately log in and hit a few warm-up shots on the first tee before you begin your round. You must keep in mind if you do not finish a double bogey will be scored for all unfinished holes.

  • Men play 1 up from the “back tees”, Women play from the forward tees. 70 years and older play 2 tees up from the back.

  • Putting will be auto putt. More details to follow.

  • You will be asked to take a photo of your scorecard following every round.


  • If you are not able to schedule your round the team will receive 0 points for the missed week.

  • You can substitute a player(s) for any week.

  • Substitute players will play to a zero handicap, if the player has a current TrackMan handicap he or she may play to their TrackMan handicap.

  • VCC needs the substitute players name and information 24 hours prior to their round or they will play to a zero handicap.  

  • If you know you will be out of town you may play up to (2 rounds) in advance. Any requested additions to this rule you must be approved by a staff member. You may not play any round after the due date. (No Exceptions)

Round Due Dates: Courses subject to change.

Round 1, January 8th           Bear Dance, Colorado Front 9

Round 2, January 15th         Hualalai, HI, Front 9

Round 3, January 22nd        St. Andrews, Scotland Front 9

Round 4, January 29th         Bonnie Doon, Australia Back 9

Round 5, February 5th         Makena, HI, Back 9

Round 6, February 12th       Sutton Bay, South Dakota, Back 9

Round 7, February 19th        PGA West, California, Front 9

Round 8, February 26th       St. Andrews, Scotland, Back 9

Round 9, March 5th               Montecito Club, California, Back 9

Round 10, March 12th           Trump International, Dubai, Back 9

Playoffs, March 26th             TBD

league champs.jpg

2022 league champions
Jeff burke & peite Geldhof

Runners up
Justin Petersmeyer &
pete Roach

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